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Side Mounted Liquid Level Switch

We offer superior quality Side Mounted Liquid Level Switches that are durable enough. These switches can either be supplied in Weather Proof Housing, Explosion Proof Housing or for Intrinsically Safe Application as Certified by CMRI Dhanbad.

Principle of Operation
A change of liquid level correspondingly travels the float to extreme level UP and DOWN. This movement of float in turn causes a magnet to move into the proximity of Micro Switch, resulting in switch actuation.


  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Cost effective
  • High performance

Suitable for fitting into Tanks or similar Vessels for indicating or Controlling the Level of a Liquid


Type Liquid Level Switches
Material PVDF
Application Liquid Levelling
Voltage 200VDC
Frequency 50HZ
Power 0-5Amp
hole diameter 0-20mm

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