V. Automat & Instruments (P) Ltd

Liquid Level Gauge

Description : Simplest design, offers accurate reading in water, chemicals, petroleum products and corrosive liquid Level measurement. Supplied up to maximum CC-distance of 1400mm. Standard visible length is always less than C-Cdistance. The maximum operating pressure range is 10 kg/cm2 and maximum operating temperature range is 100 o C. Special featured valves with ball check arrangement. Isolation valves prevents the spillage of medium in the air. MS / SS-Tie rods and /or Aluminium Tube protects the Glass Tube from any mechanical impact. SS scale fitted adjacent to glass tube offers local reading effectively. Fix and relax design in level metering. Vent/Drain provision Plug or Valve.

GTLG Series Glass Tube Liquid Level Gauge(Tubular Level Gauge)

  • Top & bottom connection orientation / side-side mounted type.

Pair of Valves

  • VA-2500: Offset with integral bonnet and Ball check arrangement-pair of Isolation Valves.


Type Liquid Level Gauges
Use Measuring Liquid Level
Certification ISI Certified
Color Metallic
Automatic Grade Automatic
Features Accuracy, Easy To Fit
Measuring range 100-200mm, 200-300mm
Gauge Diameter 20-40mm, 40-60mm


C/C Distance Up to 1400 mm in single glass tube
Materials Carbon steel and stainless steel as standard
Glass Borosil Tube of 12mm-19mm dia
Glass Protector MS/SS304 Tie rods/ Aluminium Tube
Valves Auto - shut - off ball check
Types Reflex Transparent & Tubular
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