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Differential Pressure Transmitter

Differential Pressure Transmitter


Type Differential Pressure Transmitters
Material Aluminium
Weight 0-50gm, 100-150g, 150-200gm, 200-250gm, 250-300gm
Color Available in Many Colors
Usage Industrial Use
Frequency 50Hz
Features Auto Controller, Stable Performance
Temperature -25 +85deg C

V. Automat & Instruments (P) Ltd is one of the prime Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Differential Pressure Transmitter of 501 Series in India. 501 Series Automat Differential Pressure Transmitter is the part of series 501, consisting of certified electronic. 501 series SMART DP/PT are microprocessor-based instruments that combine the analog signal advantages (4-20 mA) together with the flexibility of digital communication using HART® protcol/Foundation Field Bus (FF). The DP/DT can be configured by using universal Hand Held HART communicator (HHT) or by Computer (PC) with dedicated Automat Software.

Description :
The medium pressure is transferred to the measuring chaff in the center of the chamber. The medium pressure is transferred to the measuring chaff which is elastic element used to check and measure the pressure acted on it. The displacement of the measuring chaffs [Max. 0.004 inch (0.10m)] is in direct proportion to the differential pressure. The position of the measuring chaff is detected by the fixed capacitive plates at two sides by means of direct digital capacitive circuit.

The electronic signal is ambient, temperature compensated and amplified by the differential amplifier. The signal pass filter dampens the effects of process turbulence and prevents saturation of the DC amplifier and the current driver. The DC amplifier provides non interacting Zero and Span adjustments.

Differential Pressure Transmitter adopt the principle of replacing analog signal amplifying circuit and A/D conversion circuit with direct digital capacitive circuit, and meantime take the digital compensation technology to compensate temperature and static pressure, which greatly improves the measurement precision and reduces the temperature drift. The complete unit transmitter is characterized by its small size, high reliability and long-term stability. With extremely high performance this microprocessor based digital smart transmitter is maintenance free & accurate. The circuit within the transmitter provides Reverse polarity protection, transient power surge protection, and Electromagnetic interference protection. Apart form flow measurement; DP transmitter can also be used to measure level and pressure.

Features :

  • Increased flexibility and enhanced function thanks to the adoption of microprocessor
  • Powerful self-diagnosis capability
  • Accuracy up to 0.1 and better
  • Turn down ratio up to 40:1 and above
  • No interaction between zero-setting and range adjustment
  • Remote range, Span & Zero setting
  • Two-wire system in conformity with Hart® protocol/FF protocol that enables digital communications and built in non-losable memory
  • High stability, high accuracy, adjustable damping and strong ability on one-way overload protection.
  • No mechanical transmission parts therefore less maintenance, sturdy and vibration proof
  • Easy to maintain with all general parts that guarantees the characteristics of the transmitter when sensor and/or electronic circuit board are interchanged
  • Optional materials for the chaff that contacts the medium
  • Proved excellent performance and reliability

General Information :

  • Application : Liquid, Gas and Steam
  • Power Supply : External Power Supply 24V DC (Power Range 12V ~ 45V)
  • Output Signal : 4~20mA output superimposed with Hart® protocol/Digital Output (FF)
  • System : 2 Wire
  • Load Resistance : 600 ohm Hart® /575 ohm FF
  • Fail safe/Loop check : Provided 3.8 mA or 21.6mA
  • Zero/span adjustments : Continuous with zero suppression and span elevation
  • Accuracy : ± 0.1% of span for > 1/10th URL
  • Stability : ± 0.1% of URL for 12 months
  • Ambient Temperature : -20 ~ 80 0C
  • Process Temperature : -20 ~ 300 0C
  • Operating Temperature : -20 ~ 150 0C
  • Relative Humidity : 0 ~ 100%
  • Volume Deviation : Less than 0.16 cm3
  • Damping : Adjustable between 0.2 ~ 32 sec
  • Start Time : 3 sec
  • Power Supply Effect : Less than ± 0.0005% / V of the output range
  • Vibration Effect : ± 0.05% /g of the max range in any axial direction @ frequency of 200 Hz
  • Display : 5 Digital LCD
  • Electrical Connection : 1/2" NPT (F)
  • Cover O- Ring Material : Buna N, Viton
  • Housing Material : Cast Aluminium Alloy / SS
  • Turn Down Ratio : 1 : 1 to 40 : 1
  • Filling Liquid : Silicone Oil

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